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Lots of Exiting changes happening Watch this space……..

Been really really busy last few months since we last updated this blog – but we still blogging away and you can also Follow us via Twitter or you can Follow us on Facebook 

Its all about Apps, Apps and More Apps!

See you soon inshallah! Hopefully it wont be too long this time >o


Display Magento Products on Home Page or any CMS Pages


If you want to display Magento Products on the Home Page or any other CMS Pages from different Categories try the following

CMS > Pages > Home Page (Or any other Pages)

Add the Following Code:


{{block type=”catalog/product_list” name=”home.catalog.product.list” alias=”products_homepage” category_id=”5″ template=”catalog/product/list.phtml”}}


Don’t forget to change Category ID to whatever you want and it should then appear on the page!

This is what we done over at http://nasheedchannel.com/portal

Physical CDs was one Category

Digital Downloads was another

So we added that code twice to that page and works a treat 🙂

Online Courses!!!


We thinking of introducing online Workshops and Q&A for our hosting customers and other potentials if interested bit like a class room style

Topics that we will cover are

1) Creating a professional Website with No Coding knowledge

2) Search Engine Optimisation

3) Guide to Cpanel

4) Creating a Discussion forum for your Website

5) PHP Forms

if you have any more ideas let us know email sales at mpadc.com

or log a request at http://support.mpadc.com

Safar Media


Over the next coming weeks or so you will notice on invoices will be a part mentioning Safar Media……

This is because we have now joined under our parent company Safar Media

Nothing has changed everything is the same….same people…same everything!

Since we ere seperate entities we have decided now to merge together and bring it all in one

Since Safar Media does stuff like Web design and Web Services it made more sense to bring it all under one since MPADC does Webhosting! Other stuff we do is Marketing and Islamic Multimedia (Nasheeds)

Just to let you know 😉

Cannot Access the Website!

Assalamu alaykum

Normally we tend to get requests from clients that they no longer are able to access their website!

99.99 % of the time this is due to their IP being blocked on the firewall (the other .1 % would be server issues which we would already be aware of since we have 24/7 Pro active monitoring)

One of the main reasons of this is due to the client having multiple sessions of FTP open…in other words they are already using FTP to upload their files and they happen to have another few sessions open

The server interprets this as a Brute Force attack..which basically means that if things someone is trying to flood FTP thus blocking the IP address

If you find this is the case all you need to do is contact us Email us (Clients should already have backup email addresses to contact us on) instead since if you are blocked then all the sites on the server will be blocked including the support site

For System administrators and those with dedicated servers login to SSH and run the following

cd /etc/apf

pico deny_hosts.rules

then find the IP in the deny_hosts.rules file and remove it then save it

then you need to restart APF (APF being the firewall service)

service apf restart

and you should be able to get back on!

PHPSuExec Installed .and ramadhan Mubarak


Late ramadhan Mubarak to everyone! Left it till late!

Yesterday we installed PHPSuExec on the server…….Went ok until permissions on certain websites got messed up

If anyone has any .htaccess files which they have modified or if they have php_flags in the .htaccess file then this needs to be removed and moved to php.ini file which you need to create in your public_html folder

In other words if you find that your site has all of a sudden come up with a 500 internal server error go to your public_html folder, look for a file called .htaccess then edit that and if you see a line of code that says php_flag then delete it or comment it out, and create a file called php.ini in the public_html folder orwhatever directory you have it in and copy it there and move every command on the .htaccess file that starts with php_flag


.htaccess = php_flag register_globals on
php.ini =

Everytime you get an Internal Server error, check your error log in cpanel. This normally gives a clue as to where the error originated from

If you get stuck log a support ticket at http://support.mpadc.com and we will be able to sort this out for you

Price / Plan Changes


Due to a Global Price increase on Domain names, we have had to slightly change our prices for Domain registration and Web Hosting!

However with the slight price increase we are also offering Extra Webspace

$20 Was the standard price for Domain name registration + 50MB, New Prices are $25 + 100 MB Webhosting!

See our Hosting Pages for more information


Migration Complete!

Server Migration have been complete and all Websites are now on the new Server

Since the nameservers were changed earlier it may take a few hours for DNS to resolve

To check if DNS has resolved from your Network do the following

From Windows
Start > Run
type in CMD

On Command Prompt type in
ping mpadc.com

If the entries resolve to

Then DNS has not yet resolved on your ISP / Network, this usually takes a few hours

If the Entry resolves to

Then it means you DNS has resolved

Next Step is for you to check that your sites are all working well

If you have any problems please log a request at http://support.mpadc.com and explaining the problem and we will try and resolve this for you

We have moved a brand new server thus there maybe some 3rd party modules which we may have missed out, if you find anything missing please let us know