Broadcasting Skype Conversation Via Shoutcast using Sam Broadcaster or Winamp


As you guys may be aware we run an Islamic Radio Station called as well as providing streams for Various other Islamic Radio Stations and Mosques

Now occasionally we have people asking us or for us as well is how do i take live callers on air,  from Skype Especially

Now After searching for a long time i could not find no easy way to do this but i did manage to find a workaround that works perfectly

This is the Setup we use (Bit of a strange or cowboy setup but it does the trick!!)

1) Standard PC running Winamp / Sam Broadcaster Software (We will call this the broadcasting Device)

This PC MUST have a Line in Port at the back of the PC

Have Skype Open on this PC aswell

2) I then proceeded to use another Device i.e iPad, Laptop or anything else even a mobile device on and installed Skype on there


on the iPad / Laptop Have Skype Open and You Host the call and invite the participants over so we sign on to skype as say SKYPE ACCOUNT 1

on the Broadcasting PC Sign up on Skype as SKYPE ACCOUNT 2 and join the conversation as a participant

Now take your line in cable from the back of your PC and plug it to your Speakers

Basically on the Broadcasting PC Whatever is being Beemed out from your Speakers will transmitted via the Radio (if you using shoutcast select source as LINE IN) and likewise with Winamp as well select Line In

Now you want to talk to your guests – use the iPad to talk to your Guest – with SKYPE ACCOUNT 2  still logged on and Listening via Broadcasting PC

this method seems to work! bit long winded and complicated but does the trick!


Thoughts and opinions?





We are still around not blogged as much mainly just lurking around on Twitter where you can follow us on our Twitter Account or follow us on our Facebook Page 

soo whats been happening since last post

Well we managed to upgrade our servers in the process, developed and developing more apps and much more!

So Keep uptodate with us on Twitter or Facebook 🙂

Hopefully the next updates should not be too long INSHALLAH!

Yup we still around but very busy….

Assalamu alykum All

Been a few months since we updated t his blog! We have had a really busy last 6 months alhumdulillah (Never remember it this being so busy in all the time) But its good atleast we have things to keep us busy with and keep us going along!

Well you may ask what you been so busy about

Well its all about Apps development! We been designing apps and more apps ! ISlamic Apps to be precise

You can see our Android Apps here

We have also help set up a lovely Islamic Radio Station called “Islam Radio” at Created an iPhone, Android and Blackberry App! As well as its website too

Some of our recent apps has been “Salaah Muslim Prayer” For Android – this is an excellent app courtesy showing a nice graphical view of how to pray each of the Salah, Janazah Prayer, Salatul Tasbeeh, Witr and So forth so do check it out

We have also launched a new Prayer time App called “What times Prayer” Which shows live Prayer times for Mosques in London! Pretty Cool App this was designed for the lovely brothers at (Do check out their lovely collection of Attars and Ouds) and our biggest and best app is the iTajweed Quran for iPad and iPhone

much awaited 13 line COLOUR CODED iTajweed Quran application is available FREE [Fisabillillah) to download for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

This application is very easy to use with simple easy to use arrows and cursors to browse and navigate throughout the whole Qur’an app. Color codes have been used throughout to distinguish all Tajweed rules. The reader can find out the definition of any Tajweed rule and clarification.

Some Features Include:

– Bookmarks are available for easy access at any given time.
– This application can be viewed both in landscape and portrait mode.
– Quick launch Tajweed rules button
– Quick launch Tajweed colour code button
– Surah Search Function

Do download it and Benefit Inshallah!


so yeh its just been all about apps apps and more apps!

Full info about ALL our Current apps are here


Oh and btw if you need an app designed let us know inshallah 🙂

Hopefully we should see you before Ramadhan if not Ramadhan Mubarak 🙂


2012 Updates!


Been a really long time since we updated this blog back in November it seems! We have not completely vanished we still around alhumdulillah!

So whats been going on since then?

Quite a lot infact

We have just completed designs of 2 websites << They provide unique Islamic Jewellery and << They sell a nice collection of Islamic Books

so do check them both out inshallah!

We also developing a few apps at the moment (Yup we do App development too)

One for a Quran Color Coded Tajweed Quran and another a Prayer app Watch this space for more information

and just generally busy with things sadly 😦

Also We have had to increase our domain name prices by $1 (Only one Dollar) due to pricing increase over at ICANN but we still cheap though!

Anyway bit short blog so will update soon again inshallah!

We still around don’t worry 🙂


Been a While

Salams all

Been a While since we updated the box but anyway better late then never! here is what has been happening for the past few weeks

1) Alhumdulillah we have launched our new website Check it out new products and new services we are offering!

2) Another new Server added to our collection Codenamed “box” I know very boring name if you ask me but we ran out of ideas .. i guess we should start being a bit more creating with server names..this one is a whopping 16 GIG Memory RAM – just running a few large websites on there at the moment and handling it quite well!

3) Started our Newsletter which you can find here – hoping to make this a monthly thing! Looks better then the boring old Plain text email we send out thought make it a bit more jazzy and Graphical! You can view october newsletter here

4) Last week our server got hammered by Google bots combination of that plus some rogue sites on the Server, Please to say these sites are now out and We had to temporarily ban google IP addresses till load went down but all ok now!

and thats about it i guess for now 🙂

New Website Coming Soon


We were suppose to launch in 3 weeks ago but had obstacles in the way! so few days left to go now inshallah till we relaunch our BRAND new MPADC Website

New Products and Services such as More disk space on all hosting plans, pay for what you want to use, Streaming hosting with Auto DJ, Application development, reseller hosting and much much more..

so watch this spacei nshallah!

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Assalamu Alaykum
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We have introduced our NEW Support Services open to ALL and not just Current Customers..

If you have a website or you are a webmaster we provide support / installation and troubleshooting of scripts..

Some of the Services we provide are and specialise in…

Vbulletin Installation, setup and troubleshooting
Restoring MYSQL Databases
Restoring Websites
MYSQL / PHP Scripts installation and troubleshooting
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CMS systems (Joomla, Mambo, Moodle etc)

and a load more…

So if this all sounds foreign to you in a nutshell say you have a Corrupted Vbulletin database we can fix and restore it for you…or if you are trying to install a script or software and you get stuck and don’t know what to do we also can help out on this

There are a lot of other things too we can help with but contact us sales @ and we will provide you with a quote! If we cant fix it then we won’t charge you!

Setting Up Shoutcast with winamp


Not really advertised YET Fully but we also do shoutcast streaming for Radio? What is this you may ask..well in a nutshell its basically hosting your own Internet Radio Station! You can be your own DJ or a presenter and host your own radio station! Pretty cool eh!

At the moment many Masjids are using this facility to stream stuff like Daily Adhan, Lectures, Talks, Salat, Khutbah etc etc to broadcast across the Internet, and we also have a lot of Islamic Radio station onboard too (Usually the short term RSL ones) and other ones to for example Ummah Radio see

So if you are interested in streaming then contact us! Although it is advertised on our page prices are quite different we have to update the page but will be doing so Inshallah! So if you are interested contact us

Anyway the aim of this post is to show you how to set up a shoutcast stream once you have purchased it from us!

Anyway Download the PDF File from the link below (including images)

How to set up your shoutcast stream

OR here is a copy and paste version -minus the images below since I could not get the images uploaded here for some reason!


How to set up your shoutcast stream.

Step 1

For the Installation on the PC you need to download the Winamp Software available at, download the latest version

You also need to download the DSP Plug-in for Winamp which you can at the link below

Once you have installed the DSP, start Winamp, open the preferences (CTRL+P) and click on the DSP/Effects subcategory under the Plug-ins tree.

If you see “Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v1.9.0” in the right pane, then double click this link and it will open the DSP tabs


SHOUTcast Source DSP

Step 2

Select the “Output” tab at the top of your DSP window. Select “Output 1” under the selection box, and fill in details as shown below

Enter the IP address as shown in the box above or the details sent to you via email.
You need to enter the port that was given in your email
You need to set the password that was given to you in your email,

Step 3

Encoder Settings

Select the “Encoder” tab at the top of your DSP window.
Make sure under the selection box, you have selected “Encoder 1”. And choose MP3.
In the Encoder Settings dropdown, select the bit rate as shown as above

Step 4

Input settings

Select the “Input” tab at the top of your DSP window. Unless you have specific soundcard input settings, or want to talk on your stream, select “Winamp” at the Input Device. As every soundcard is different and individual, we cannot give any tutorials for the Soundcard Input. Generally to play tracks you would choose Winamp and to talk you would choose Soundcard, but this depends on your set up.

Step 6

Go back to the “Output” tab in your DSP window. Make sure “Output 1″ is selected, and then click the connect button. In the status box above the button, it should give a time and then Sent …… bytes”. If you get this message then you are connected you can test your stream by going to


This will then show you details of the stream

to view the stream console panel go to the link shown above and it will give you real time statistics of current listeners and song info