Broadcasting Skype Conversation Via Shoutcast using Sam Broadcaster or Winamp


As you guys may be aware we run an Islamic Radio Station called as well as providing streams for Various other Islamic Radio Stations and Mosques

Now occasionally we have people asking us or for us as well is how do i take live callers on air,  from Skype Especially

Now After searching for a long time i could not find no easy way to do this but i did manage to find a workaround that works perfectly

This is the Setup we use (Bit of a strange or cowboy setup but it does the trick!!)

1) Standard PC running Winamp / Sam Broadcaster Software (We will call this the broadcasting Device)

This PC MUST have a Line in Port at the back of the PC

Have Skype Open on this PC aswell

2) I then proceeded to use another Device i.e iPad, Laptop or anything else even a mobile device on and installed Skype on there


on the iPad / Laptop Have Skype Open and You Host the call and invite the participants over so we sign on to skype as say SKYPE ACCOUNT 1

on the Broadcasting PC Sign up on Skype as SKYPE ACCOUNT 2 and join the conversation as a participant

Now take your line in cable from the back of your PC and plug it to your Speakers

Basically on the Broadcasting PC Whatever is being Beemed out from your Speakers will transmitted via the Radio (if you using shoutcast select source as LINE IN) and likewise with Winamp as well select Line In

Now you want to talk to your guests – use the iPad to talk to your Guest – with SKYPE ACCOUNT 2  still logged on and Listening via Broadcasting PC

this method seems to work! bit long winded and complicated but does the trick!


Thoughts and opinions?



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