Upgrading from Mysql 5.0 to 5.1 Via WHM – Internal Server Error


Bit of a scary ordeal today

We decided to have a crack at upgrading MYSQL from 5.0 to 5.1

So we tried attempting to do it via WHM via the MYSQL Upgrade option in Software

Seemed straight forward enough with a easy Wizard to Follow Through

So we kicked off the Install, took a while to go through everything

Then the black dialog box comes up ran some sort of script and also it seemed to be doing some database checks by going through every single mysql Table and checking to see if they were ok – Fair enough

Started with domain names from A down alphabetically..did took a while atleast 1 hour…

So then it reached domain names with Z – i thought to myself ahh finally after 1 hour of waiting just sat watching the screen (of course did not sat there the whole time went out to grab some munch for local takeaway – at this point i had left and it reached domain names starting with the letter D)…so was expecting it to complete by then………once it reached the last database if then decided to start with domain names starting by A Again……

so thought maybe it just missed out some domains  -so gave it a benefit of doubt and left it running again just incase it missed some first time around……..then when it came down to the Domain names letter C then got a bit concerned that its already done this database why is it going through it again???

So i waited another 15 mins just to see what happens and yup it went all through the list again! it seemed that it was looping althought it had reach stage 7/7 of the install something seriously was not right here!

and at this point every single MYSQL site was returning with error 500 and not accessible!

So i went to check what mysql version was installed on the server and it was reporting 5.1.x so it had upgraded ok but why was it looping and doing table checks/

at this point decided to take the risk and close that window down

Ran EasyApache had to rebuild PHP /Apache again took a while – whilst i watched anxiously after it completed all sites backup again and running Wohooo!


So seems a bit buggy the WHM install not sure whats up with that

but if someone has this problem then what you do is run EasyApache and recompile PHP / Apache and everything should be ok!

Quite panicky when mysql fails as 90% of sites are powered by MYSQL

Interesting evening! 🙂