Yup we still around but very busy….

Assalamu alykum All

Been a few months since we updated t his blog! We have had a really busy last 6 months alhumdulillah (Never remember it this being so busy in all the time) But its good atleast we have things to keep us busy with and keep us going along!

Well you may ask what you been so busy about

Well its all about Apps development! We been designing apps and more apps ! ISlamic Apps to be precise

You can see our Android Apps here


We have also help set up a lovely Islamic Radio Station called “Islam Radio” at www.islamradio.com Created an iPhone, Android and Blackberry App! As well as its website too

Some of our recent apps has been “Salaah Muslim Prayer” For Android – this is an excellent app courtesy islamicposters.co.uk showing a nice graphical view of how to pray each of the Salah, Janazah Prayer, Salatul Tasbeeh, Witr and So forth so do check it out

We have also launched a new Prayer time App called “What times Prayer” http://itunes.apple.com/app/what-times-prayer/id534918213?mt=8 Which shows live Prayer times for Mosques in London! Pretty Cool App this was designed for the lovely brothers at Sunnahmusk.com (Do check out their lovely collection of Attars and Ouds) and our biggest and best app is the iTajweed Quran for iPad and iPhone http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/itajweed-quran-for-iphone/id524225870?mt=8

much awaited 13 line COLOUR CODED iTajweed Quran application is available FREE [Fisabillillah) to download for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

This application is very easy to use with simple easy to use arrows and cursors to browse and navigate throughout the whole Qur’an app. Color codes have been used throughout to distinguish all Tajweed rules. The reader can find out the definition of any Tajweed rule and clarification.

Some Features Include:

– Bookmarks are available for easy access at any given time.
– This application can be viewed both in landscape and portrait mode.
– Quick launch Tajweed rules button
– Quick launch Tajweed colour code button
– Surah Search Function

Do download it and Benefit Inshallah!


so yeh its just been all about apps apps and more apps!

Full info about ALL our Current apps are here



Oh and btw if you need an app designed let us know inshallah 🙂

Hopefully we should see you before Ramadhan if not Ramadhan Mubarak 🙂