2012 Updates!


Been a really long time since we updated this blog back in November it seems! We have not completely vanished we still around alhumdulillah!

So whats been going on since then?

Quite a lot infact

We have just completed designs of 2 websites

www.deencarrier.com << They provide unique Islamic Jewellery and

www.turath.co.uk << They sell a nice collection of Islamic Books

so do check them both out inshallah!

We also developing a few apps at the moment (Yup we do App development too)

One for a Quran Color Coded Tajweed Quran and another a Prayer app Watch this space for more information

and just generally busy with things sadly 😦

Also We have had to increase our domain name prices by $1 (Only one Dollar) due to pricing increase over at ICANN but we still cheap though!

Anyway bit short blog so will update soon again inshallah!

We still around don’t worry 🙂