New Website Coming Soon


We were suppose to launch in 3 weeks ago but had obstacles in the way! so few days left to go now inshallah till we relaunch our BRAND new MPADC Website

New Products and Services such as More disk space on all hosting plans, pay for what you want to use, Streaming hosting with Auto DJ, Application development, reseller hosting and much much more..

so watch this spacei nshallah!


RAID Upgrades

Assalamu alaykum / Greetings all!

Been a long time since we contacted you so hope everyone is doing good! Just a quick email to let you know on Friday 16th September 2011 we are planning to upgrade our RAID Drives and install Larger Hard Drives on to our Server. Therefore we will need to take the Server Offline for a few hours whilst this upgrade take place We have Scheduled it for Friday 16th September 2011 22:30PM (UK TIME), the server will be disconnected and sites will be unavailable for a period of between 3-5 hours whilst this upgrades take place during the Night We are also due to be launching our NEW Website within the coming weeks inshallah with new products and Services, higher capacity web hosting packages, Media services, Iphone Applications development and much much more!

With Regards to tomorrow you can keep up to date with the upgrade by following us through Twitter!/safarmedia