SSL encryption is required for access to this server. Log in using SSL Cpanel

For some reason whenever we tried to login to cpanel via or :2082 came up with this error message saying

SSL encryption is required for access to this server.  Log in using SSL

Then when you click on Log in using SSL browsers comes up with a warning message saying site is unsafe etc etc

So going into WHM > Tweak Settings and Changing

Always redirect to SSL
Always redirect users to the SSL/TLS ports when visiting /cpanel, /webmail, etc.
Should Fix it – however it did not in my case

so instead you can do it by editing  /var/cpanel/cpanel.config changing the following entry:


Change the “1” to a “0”, and save the changes. You may also need to edit the following entry:


If the value is a “1”, change to a “0”. Next run

/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/whostmgr2 –updatetweaksettings

and this should fix it! which it did strange!


Server Down :-(

Assalamu alaykum

Unfortunately we have had to pull the Entire MPADC Web server down due to hacking attempts on several of the Websites on the server – with certain accounts running outdated software which has caused the problem, resulting in all Websites being inaccessible for the time being until we get the issue sorted out.
Being an Islamic Webhosting company with 99% Websites being Legit Islamic Websites (The other 1% of Websites are Websites which are not Islamic Oriented Websites they are things like hotels, businesses, organisations etc!! Just incase you were thinking 1% are not Legit Islamic Websites!!!)
The hacking was unfortunately done by Muslims themselves defacing several websites and leaving “Politically Pro Islamic Messages on the Website”, Which is quite confusing and baffling to say at the very Least! Which leaves me Asking why would “Muslim Hackers” Target “Muslim Oriented Websites” Leaving Political based Messages on there! Quite Baffling to say and I cannot quite understand it!
Anyway what happened was that one of the accounts on the server was running outdated Software which had explots which allowed this hacker to gain entrance and start to deface the Websites!!)
The only thing that was deleted were index files! These are the landing page you get to each time you access a Website! so these were more or less defaced!
Other files on the website were alhumdulillah still on there
Now we had a bit of dillema either try to attempt to restore the entire index files for all the accounts we host over 200 Websites and this itself was a huge task! or do a completely fresh installation
Safer bet was do a complete installation of the operating system (The equivalent of reinstalling windows but our servers was linux) best this was done incase something else was left behind which would allow the hacker to strike back
Backups are made every night so all accounts are going to be restored from how it was Wednesday morning 6am 13th July! And sites were hacked around 16:00PM so unfortunately anything done within those 10 hours would have been lost!
We are currently working with the Systems restore team to try and fix the problem! No data has been lost we have kept backups alhumdulillah! If worst comes to worse we may have to restore the Entire backups and state of accounts from last night 13th July 2011 Last backs from 06:00am UK time
Also alhumdullilah Only index.html / index.php / default.html files has been erased all other files are completely intact! So it could be the case that we just need to replace the index files of the website which will allow it to come back online again, but once our systems restore team update me i will update out twitter page located here
Will be regularly updating the twitter feed
Once again apologies for the downtime this was totally unexpected!