Cpanel Backups Causes server to Hang and Eat up Memory


One of our Other dedicated servers which we use for Databases decided everynight to hang and the only way to bring it back up would be a physical reboot! Even logging in Via SSH hung!

So after weeks of trying this and that figuring what would be wrong after Multiple Hardware Changes, Kernel upgrades even new box, still the problem occured

Then we noticed it seemed to be crashing between certain times each nigh…then we figured out Backups! Cpanel backups run around that time!!

Since our backups were stored as .tar.gz alot of people on the Net were complaining of similar problems by compressing it it would eat up a lot of memory and take up huge server loads!..


So decided to change the backups to INCREMENTAL instead via Cpanel Backup manager! so will run that tonight and see how it goes

since its a DB server with few accounts its ideal because incremental backups takes up a lot of space! plus advantage is that if someone accidentally deleted a file no need for us to restore the entire acccount! we could just pick the file that needed restoring


will see how it goes tonight Inshallah ! and will update the blog!


Spammers on WordPress


So today I logged on to one of the Clients WordPress and they told me that their site had been infested with Spam Comments over 3000 to be exact!

So i login to wordpress backend and try deleting them batch by batch! Gave up after few mins because it takes soo much time


this is where MYSQL Query comes handy!

Login to PHPmyadmin

Choose the WordPress Database

and run these queries

DELETE FROM `wp_comments` WHERE `comment_approved`=’spam’

DELETE FROM `wp_comments` WHERE `comment_approved`=’0′

Took 3 seconds! And all vanished!

So heres a tip incase you get filled with Spam!

Shoutcast Keeps closing When Exiting Putty


As you know we do Radio Streaming and its popular at the moment with Masjids using the streaming service to stream their programmes/Khutbas/Lectures/Salaah over the Internet! If you are interested do contact us inshallah .

But anyway one of the really annoying thing is when for whatever reason you need to restart the shoutcast server through SSH and Putty as soon as you exit Putty the Shoutcast Server goes down

usually a command such as

./sc_serv & does the trick but sometime it doesn’t

Since we have multiple streams on the Server doing this one by one is not ideal! So on the server you want to add this to the rc.local file normally found at

cd etc/rc.d/

then look for file called rc.local and edit it then enter the shoutcast command you wish to start so for example you would enter a line like this in the file

/home/accountname/public_html/path/to/shoutcast/file/;./sc_serv &

then once server is started again then it will start up automatically however its not IDEAL to keep rebooting the server


so this is what you do

ps aux | grep sc_serv

this will find all processed running sc_serv which is shoutcast server

take a note of the port number

then type in top

this will then show current running processes

type in k

then type in process id confirm and kill it!

Now what i did was created a cron job via cpanel on where shoutcast was installed so you enter this as

/home/accountname/public_html/path/to/shoutcast/file/;./sc_serv &

run it every ┬áminute…then shoutcast server should run back up again! then delete the cron job

cheeky way of doing it but thats the only way i found out how to run shoutcast again without closing putty down !

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