Online Courses!!!


We thinking of introducing online Workshops and Q&A for our hosting customers and other potentials if interested bit like a class room style

Topics that we will cover are

1) Creating a professional Website with No Coding knowledge

2) Search Engine Optimisation

3) Guide to Cpanel

4) Creating a Discussion forum for your Website

5) PHP Forms

if you have any more ideas let us know email sales at

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500 Can’t verify SSL peers without knowning which Certificate Authorities to trust


Just a bit of information (Technical Server stuff for clients)

Over at we Sell Nasheeds via Digital Downloads, all of a sudden during March Download suddenly stopped working

When someone tried to purchase something, the payment page appears, goes to paypal page, Paypal takes the payment but the return URL suppose to contain the download link for the customer to purchase the nasheeds, however email notifications showed up the following error messages:

REASON FOR FAILURE: Payment Data Transfer (PDT): An error was encountered contacting the PayPal server. <html>

<head><title>An Error Occurred</title></head>
<h1>An Error Occurred</h1>
<p>500 Can’t verify SSL peers without knowning which Certificate Authorities to trust</p>

Right very informative..NOT

Solution for this is

You need to update / install a perl module

if you are using WHM login to

>Web host manager

> Install Perl Module

> Do a search for Mozilla::CA

It should find this module and give you the option to install it, go ahead install it and this should fix the issue for you!