Price / Plan Changes


Due to a Global Price increase on Domain names, we have had to slightly change our prices for Domain registration and Web Hosting!

However with the slight price increase we are also offering Extra Webspace

$20 Was the standard price for Domain name registration + 50MB, New Prices are $25 + 100 MB Webhosting!

See our Hosting Pages for more information


Support Site


We have moved our support site…well not the URL but the software

It is now integrated in the main client login (where you sign up for orders, so its just a single sign on)

Migration Complete!

Server Migration have been complete and all Websites are now on the new Server

Since the nameservers were changed earlier it may take a few hours for DNS to resolve

To check if DNS has resolved from your Network do the following

From Windows
Start > Run
type in CMD

On Command Prompt type in

If the entries resolve to

Then DNS has not yet resolved on your ISP / Network, this usually takes a few hours

If the Entry resolves to

Then it means you DNS has resolved

Next Step is for you to check that your sites are all working well

If you have any problems please log a request at and explaining the problem and we will try and resolve this for you

We have moved a brand new server thus there maybe some 3rd party modules which we may have missed out, if you find anything missing please let us know

(Fri 4th June 19:20pm)Server Migration

Salams All,

Migration all complete all accounts have now been moved to the new server

Next Stage is Synching data between old host and new host which should carry over any changes made since the migration

Then nameservers to be changed..

watch this space!

Migration Update – Latest

:Last Updated: Thursday 3rd June 2010 07:55 am
Disk Cloning Unsucessful
Disk Cloning method was unsuccessful, back to plan one with migrating each accounts individually, see previous email. However all sites are still up and running

Regarding our email yesterday about the server migration we mentioned that the server will be located on a new IP address. Please disregard the instructions sent yesterday, instead we are migrating the server using Disk Cloning technique which means that data will be copied over from disk to disk, making a copy of the disk on the old server to the new server!No data will be lost and all IP addresses and current configuration will be the same the only difference will be the Hardware.
In order to achieve this we will be pulling the server offline at
04:30am UK Time
23:30PM EDT
which means that ALL websites will be unavailable (Including Helpdesk and Client area) for a period of at least 2-3 hours whilst the disk cloning takes place
We Hope to get the server back online by 08:00am UK time 03:00am EDT, however please visit our blog for further updates
Keep an eye on this blog for Updates!

Server Migration Time…


its the dreaded Server Migration time….last one we had was 4 years ago in 2006 to be precise!

New Server this one has a whopping 8 GIG Memory and a monster of a Server, Inshallah SHOULD increase performance!

Over 80 Gig of Data to Transfer its gonna be a long week…………!

First Step:

Email all clients

Migrate the Data

Change Nameservers

Check this blog for Constant updates!!!!