Passwords…..Passwords…and More Passwords


We get asked why so many usernames and passwords for my account!

Just to make it clear what system we have

1) Helpdesk (

This is for Technical Support i.e How do i do this, whats up with this etc etc!

You need an account for this! You can register through the support site!

2) Cpanel

This is where you can setup emails, view stats etc etc

An account will have been created for you! When you first sign up you will be emailed a username and password for this!

3) Client area (

Where you manage your billing, pay for invoices, order stuff

This is when you first sign up you will have created this account usually in the format of email address as username!

Unfortunately all systems are seperate i know! Bit of a pain but increases security as well in a way so incase one account gets compromised then not all will be if that makes sense!