We have introduced our NEW Support Services open to ALL and not just Current Customers..

If you have a website or you are a webmaster we provide support / installation and troubleshooting of scripts..

Some of the Services we provide are and specialise in…

Vbulletin Installation, setup and troubleshooting
Restoring MYSQL Databases
Restoring Websites
MYSQL / PHP Scripts installation and troubleshooting
Forums (Vbulletin, phpbb, invision etc)
Blogs (WordPress,blogger etc)
E-commerce Software (oscommerce, zen cart etc..)
CMS systems (Joomla, Mambo, Moodle etc)

and a load more…

So if this all sounds foreign to you in a nutshell say you have a Corrupted Vbulletin database we can fix and restore it for you…or if you are trying to install a script or software and you get stuck and don’t know what to do we also can help out on this

There are a lot of other things too we can help with but contact us sales @ and we will provide you with a quote! If we cant fix it then we won’t charge you!


…and the good old “Updates email”

Sent out to all Clients ..thought it be useful to post here too!
Salams All,
Been a while since we sent out an update to all Clients, just to keep you updated on a few changes
1) We have moved our client area from to
Any emails or invoices you receive if you login to the link above, it will redirect you to the page you require
2) We have a blog running at which features general how to’s and FAQ with regards to our hosting and products and we hope to update it regularly so do feel free to contribute or post on the blog.
3) Regarding domain name renewals it is important that you renew it within 15 days after it has expired and in good time before its expiry due date. We have had a lot of customers who have “Forgotten” to renew their domain and end up losing it in the end, this is due to Domain registrars holding the domain for atleast 90 days and in some cases even longer after it has expired. So please ensure that you renew the domains in good time.
4) We are also now offering Streaming for Islamic Radio Stations and Masjid transmitters. Please email us for more information, this information has not been published on our main site yet. If you are interested or know anyone who is interested  or if your local masjid wants to stream stuff on the Internet then please contact us!
More Information here
5) Don’t forget for any help or issues with anything contact us via helpdesk you will need to register yourself a new account there

Restoring Vbulletin Forum (19 hour Ordeal)

Salams all,

One of our Biggest Clients is hosted with us and have its own server, They are a quite a big Islamic Forum with over 25,o00 Members and 1 Million posts and are running Vbulletin 4.

They decided to upgrade their forum from Vbulletin 3 to Vbulletin 4.0

Since we already did Ummah Forum upgrade which is 3 times as big as Islamicboard and since it took around 45 mins to upgrade, Islamicboard should have been a breeze in the Park for us

However we were Wrong.

Our Upgrade took a total of 19 hours to get the site back up and running! After running into Problems after Problems.

The reason why it took so long was due to the fact that the board was heavily modified with plugins and 3rd Party with customised tables and what not which made the job slightly difficult

So this is what happened

We uploaded the New Vbulletin Files to the Server

Ran the upgrade script

it froze half way through

So we tried to re-run it again, again it froze half way through at a particular step, i think Step 7 or 8 where it was doing something to the Index of the post table, after 1 hour of waiting for it to get past this stage browser froze and crashed it, at this stage we gave up, however the major problem we had now was that the “Post” table had been marked as crash, which was one of the main tables that contained all the threads and post, since there was over 1million posts on the forum repairing it wasn’t going to be easy, but nonetheless we tried running a table repair through PHPmyadmin this did not work and this stage the database was totally kapoot, in which at this stage we Had to restore from an earlier Backup, since this restore and upgrade was using alot of CPU and memory it grounded the server to a halt effecting MYSQL and other websites on the box. So we had to move the database over to another Server and repair and try to upgrade it on there.

So these are the steps we took

1) Took a backup of the database and Homedirectory

Logged on to shell

Ran the command

/scripts/pkgacct accountusername

(This creates a full backup in a tar.gz format of the Entire website / database / mail / files etc)

This was done prior to the upgrade so we had a backup in place

2) Since the upgrade was using a lot of CPU and memory we moved the database to an empty server to reattempt the backup

So now we had to move the account from one server to another using SCP! Good old SCP!

The command to move a file from the Local to a Remote server is as follows

So being logged in to SSH to the local server i ran the following

scp name_of_the_account.tar.gz root@

name_of_the_account.tar.gz <<< This is the name of the backup file we did in Step one

root@ << This is the name of the server we want to move this file too “root” being username “” being the IP address (Obviously you would put your own IP address here)

:/home << the location where we want to move the file this instance we wanted to move it to the /home directory

Hit Enter and it will ask you for your account password put that in then the files will transfer, since the total data was around 4 gig altogether this may take a while took us 1.5 hours to move over great thing about SCP it shows you progress bar and how long you got remaining!

3) Restore the Account

Now we have the .tar.gz file moved over time to restore the account, this can be done by simply typing in this command at SSH prompt

/scripts/restorepkg name_of_the_account.tar.gz

This will then restore the entire account to the server including databases, files, mails etc everything so we had an identical copy of the website on this new server. This is one way of doing it

However what we did instead of this was just to restore the Database, so what we did was created a new account on the server, uploaded the New Vbulletin 4 files to this new account (we started from fresh because the old account had a lot of folders and junk in there) So uploading the files did not take long. Once this was done at this stage we had a new account on this new server with just the vbulletin files on there nothing else, now time to restore the database back to this new account.

So this is what we do….

The file which we copied over contains the database file so we browser to the drive where this .tar.gz file is stored so at SSH we do

cd /home

Now we want to extract the contents of what is in the .tar.gz

So we run this command

tar xvfz name_of_the_account.tar.gz

This will then extract everything from the tar.gz file and place it in a directory may take a while especially if it is big

Once this is done we browse to the mysql folder normally under

/name_of_account.tar.gz/mysql (Something like that)

Browse in this folder and you will find your mysql file in there

Now we want to restore this back so we run the following command, but FIRST we need to create a database, give it a username and password and give it permissions you can do this via Cpanel using MYSQL wizard

The command for restoring the database is (staying in the current directory)

mysql -u username -p nameofdatabase < database_file_name.sql

It will ask you for the password of the username for MYSQL which you have just created stick that in , hit enter and it will begin the restore! Unlike SCP you have no idea how long it will take or its will look as if its doing nothing but its important just to leave it, this process took around 5 hours to restore and don’t close your SSH window just let it will say when it has complete

sooo 5 hours later we now have a database restored back to Vbulletin 3

So we try run the upgrade script and again and BINGO! alhumdulillah it works since we moved it on a more powerful server it had all the resources to use and the upgrade completed sucessfully! So now on this server we have a Forum running vbulletin 4 !

Of course we changed the nameservers back and forth to work easily!

Sounds quite a lot eh? Well this is just half way but not to worry the second part aint as bad..

Now we need to move this database back over to the original server

You can either do it account transfer via Cpanel but if your site or DB is more then 1 gig forget it! likely it will crash out! Better use good ole SCP 😀

So on the old Server We Terminate the account and we want to create it from scratch! Unless you want to keep what you have then no need to terminate just move the Database over and upload the files etc

So this is what we do…Terminate the account on old server, create a new one..then transfer the account

* So we make a backup of this account as we did before….

* SCP the tar.gz file of what we have just backed up the working version to the original server again what we did before using the same command but just changing the paths

* Restore the account using the command /scripts/restorepkg username.tar.gz

Again the moving of the account from one server to another took us 1 hours since it was a big database and the restoration of the account took 6 hours…

In this time we change the nameservers wait for it to resolve..wait for the restore to complete and there you have it!

Fully function upgraded forum

Of course useful info for those who have their own servers but as always..take care when attempting things like this!


The Helpdesk


As you may be aware or if you are not aware we have a helpdesk system in place to help with with your hosting account

Link to it is

You need to register a NEW account for the helpdesk, unfortunately your normal account will not work for this but signing up takes a few min only

We tend to get a lot of requests for things..and people do ask what can you help us with.

Well in a nutshell we can Help or Assist with Generally anything and everything

What does this cover….

examples are

– If you are having problems logging on or have forgotten your password you can request it via the helpdesk and we can reset it for you, we will ask you some security questions just to make sure it is you!

– If you are having issues with Cpanel or moving things around, deleting, permissions etc this we can help you with

– If you are not sure how to create and setup databases this we can do too.

In other words anything relating to your account or Server..

We can also help and Assist 3rd party scripts i.e forums, CMS systems or anything else, but if we cant fix it then we will refer you to the vendor since its 3rd party application which is something we do not support! However we do have extensive knowledge of products such as Vbulletin, joomla, wordpress, mambo, and a host of other scripts so we will try our best to help and assist you

If you want us to install something for you we will try our best to help you if we can get it done then great if not we will refer you to the vendor.

Installation requests may take slightly longer to respond to since we prioritise with general account requests!

So basically we can help with anything and everything where we can!